Summer Break : Part I

Our summer break didn't go exactly as I had planned. I had imagined that I would be spending time with the children making all sorts of wildly creative, artsy projects at home, as I occasionally dashed off to my own studio space to finish up some of my own paintings and collages.

For the most part, neither of these things happened. However, we have all been out and about quite a lot this month, enjoying the sunshine, and spending time with friends and family. In the end, it is obvious what is more important, isn't it? Today I'd like to share a few of the highlights with you...

The kids especially enjoyed splashing and playing at the swimming pool.

I have been very impressed at how clean and pleasant the public swimming pools are here in Germany. They are usually set in a park-like setting with several different pools - for small children, for families, and for people who want to swim laps. An all-day ticket for the entire family costs about $7, which makes the entire experience even more enjoyable :)

As friends visited from Belgium, we took the kids to a small amusement park where Lucy found a toy donkey to ride

and Sophia alternated between a retro motorcycle

and a vintage horse.

My husband Florian, who is also an artist, took part in a lovely group show in his hometown of Garmisch, Germany

and we had time to visit with his parents after the opening. You can see the girls are enjoying the time with their German grandfather

and their German grandmother :)

One weekend we visited a farm where Sophia and Lucy were fanatical about the sheep

and goats - although one of the goats did butt Lucy on the head! A little too much love...

My girlies were excited to feed deer at petting zoo/park called "The Fairy Tale Forest" - although it does always make me feel sad to see the animals behind fences. 

Dressing up as princesses is still a favorite activity for my two - and one day they begged to wear their princess dresses to the park until we gave in. Their white dresses were quite striking against the green grass, and people kept commenting on how beautiful they looked. Real life angels!

One rainy day activity we did was face painting! Papa did a nice job and the girls ended up looking like little Indian goddesses :)

We didn't give Sophia this pose at all - she came up with it all herself - but she and I are both wishing you many blessings during your final days of summer! 

In my Summer Break Recipe Collection, I will be sharing some of the delicious recipes we have been experimenting with this month. More very soon...