Lucy's Abstract Art

This week Lucy will be turning three, and it is hard for me to believe how fast the time has flown by! As a budding artist, she is still in her abstract expressionist phase,

but the first figurative references are starting to turn up! This is "A Girl."

Lucy will have a preschool birthday party, a birthday party at home with four of her best girlfriends, and a party at her grandparent's house on the weekend. Not bad, huh! However, this means that within the next couple of days, I will be baking three cakes and making one set of decorated cupcakes, which is quite a lot of baking, yikes! Today, I went shopping for presents, tomorrow is a baking and cleaning day, and Friday is decorating and party time. I never knew that a child's birthday could stretch into a week long activity, but it seems to be the case here! 

Next week, I plan to show you some of my new artwork too, but this week is still devoted to the kiddies. I'm trying my best to remain patient. We'll be making a couple of crafty projects together during the next couple of days, including salt dough bead necklaces, clothespin dolls, and a shoebox dollhouse. I'll let you know how the results turn out.

I'm glad you are enjoying the artist interviews here, and thank you for all your positive comments. For a few months, I went back and forth about continuing the interviews or not, and now I'm glad that I am. It's such a rewarding experience for me to make contact with other artists whose work I admire. It also makes me very happy when I can do something to encourage networking and help spread the word about someone's artwork.

I guess I'd better get some sleep tonight, so that I will have energy to bake and clean tomorrow. Hope you are having a good week yourself! 


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