balancing family & art : my interview with Dana Komjaty aka Leililaloo

I adore Dana Komjaty's artwork - and I am especially taken with her series of dresses. Feminine, folky, textured - just delightful. Dana is from Amsterdam, and she has two Etsy stores where you can find her work: Dana Komjaty - which features her original artwork and art prints - and Leililaloo - a shop with pillows, collages, and unique home decor. I've been a fan of her work for some time, and I interviewed Dana last year on "artists who blog".

Imagine how happy I was when Dana contacted me to do an interview on her own Leililaloo blog with the topic of "Balancing It All" - family, children, making art, and running a creative business.

Dana has done a lovely job of putting together the interview with selected artwork and photos, and I feel very honored. To read my interview, please click here.

Thanks for the opportunity Dana!