the story of my week...

This week I finally sorted through my closets and rediscovered one of my favorite fall skirts, so I put it on with my rather scruffy fall boots

and I took a walk by the river.

I stopped by a cozy bookstore cafe where I indulged in a magazine and a new cookbook called "Presents from my Kitchen" - both very cute and inspiring! Maybe I will actually make some homemade culinary Christmas presents this year.

Along the way a piece of plum tart positively *glowed* at me from a bakery window. (Come on, if a fresh piece of plum tart was smiling at you like that from a German bakery window, would you be able to resist? Honestly!)

Alas, all of this indulging did prompt me to dust off my long unused workout videos... 
I consoled myself with the fact that I was at least walking by the bakery window :) If they had "drive through" bakeries here, I would be in big trouble!

In a more contemplative moment, I caught Sophia twirling her curly princess hair

and immediately afterward she gave me this very non-princess like pose! You do have to love Sophia's sense of style; she put that urban girl outfit together all by herself.

I got involved in a rather extensive studio "declutter" project (more on that next week) and found these sturdy wooden supports

which now look very nice covered in thick canvas & are ready to paint!

What's the story of your week?
I hope it was a good one! Looking forward to your tales :)