What's your next declutter project?

Lately I've been on a "declutter my apartment" kick, and last week I attempted to organize my work space. There were lots of messy boxes full of various materials lurking behind the doors of my studio shelves. I wasn't even sure what I had anymore. One of the nice side effects of decluttering is finding lots of new materials that you initially forgot about!

I breathed a big sigh of relief after everything was sorted out. It's amazing how refreshing it felt to have a more organized work space!

Of course I still need to clean out my two "junk drawers," get all of the kids' baby photos printed and sorted into albums, write dozens of thank you notes, and there is a stack of boring, bureaucratic papers waiting to be filed... Maybe it's just me, but I have a much more difficult time doing these things in a timely manner now that I have children.

Do you have any organizational or declutter projects waiting for you to tackle?
Do you put them off, or are you good about getting things done right away?

I look forward to your stories - and I wish you lots of luck with all of your own "let's get organized" projects!