How do you express gratitude? Do you have a journal, a prayer, or a "wish jar"?

How do you express gratitude? I'm not talking about thank you notes - although those are always appreciated. But do you have a gratitude ritual, a special prayer, or do you keep a journal each day to remind yourself of the positive things in your life? 

I've been keeping a "wish jar" for the past couple of years (inspired by artist Keri Smith). My wish jar contains not only my wishes and goals for the future, but also things I am grateful for in my life right now. I try to make it a habit to read through my little pack of hand-written cards each day, and sometimes I light a candle or two. 

I appreciate the fact that I am very blessed with all I've been given in life, and I hope you are feeling blessed today too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day tomorrow if you are celebrating in the States or somewhere else in the world. Come back and visit me here on "Black Friday" for a special surprise this weekend!

I look forward to reading your comments today. 
You inspire me!