Festive Lights and Holiday Treats: Come Tour a German Christmas Market with Me

A week ago, I visited the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, Germany's most famous and largest Christmas market. I took the train up from Munich, which is only 1 1/2 hours away, and it felt like a true adventure. I actually enjoy riding trains, and it reminded me that I need to make day trips like this more often! 

As soon as I arrived in Nuremberg, I found the streets lined with festive "Gluehwein," or "mulled wine" stands, and countless tasty holiday treats. Of course I did my best to try a little of everything ;)

Nuremberg is especially famous for its "Lebkuchen" - an intensely rich gingerbread with nuts and spices, often coated with chocolate. Highly recommended!

I saw and tasted many delicious fruitcakes, homemade candies, and chocolate-dipped fruits, all decoratively wrapped and displayed.

Small roasted sausages served in crispy rolls are the other famous specialty of Nuremberg. Vegetarians, just look away here...

At this time of year in Germany, dusk begins at about 4 pm, and the lights of the stands begin to twinkle all the more brightly.

There were colorful Christmas ornaments crafted from wood

and more fragile ones made of blown glass in many of the market stalls.

Russian musicians from St. Petersburg played their French horns masterfully in the cold,

and a horse-drawn postal coach wagon took children and vistors on historical city tours.

As I wandered around, I enjoyed views of the many beautiful cathedrals in Nuremberg, which provide a magnificent backdrop for the market.

Just as I was about to catch my train to go home, I discovered a beautiful little side street with many small, charming shops selling handmade crafts. 

This shop sold hand-painted glass ornaments, and I was fascinated by how lovely they looked lit up from behind.

The glowing glass ornaments created a truly magical atmosphere.

Of course I couldn't go home without treats for my sweeties at home. 
You should have seen their eyes when they saw these big gingerbread hearts!

All in all it was a wonderful day, and a great excuse to for me to get out of town and do some exploring. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas market tour too! I'd send you all a yummy Lebkuchen if I could!


p.s. - I also visited the Albrecht Duerer Haus, the house of Nuremberg's most famous artist and resident. I'll be sharing that visit in a post coming up later today.