Abundance : Day 8

Recently, I was complaining about how I find our city apartment much too small and cramped and that I have the feeling that I am living in a little "box." I would much prefer to have a large and comfortable house by the sea with a bright, sunny studio. Mountains and a beautiful landscape would also be nice extras, and we should of course be within a short drive of a larger city so that we could visit our friends and go to museums frequently. You know, those simple, modest dreams we all have (ha ha!)

I was reminded that our apartment might sometimes feel like a little "box" - but compared to the other 75% of the world population in developing countries, it is truly a "magic box" with running hot and cold water, electricity, a washing machine and a dryer, kitchen appliances, a telephone, a television, CD players, a computer, and a refrigerator and pantry full of food. Which kind of brought me back to earth.

At the same time, while I am grateful for my "magic box," I do hope that my little art business will continue to grow and flourish. My dream is to have a life/work situation where I can spend my time doing what we most love and while experiencing abundance on all levels - material and beyond. We are working and planning as to how we can make this dream our reality.

So here is my call: Dear Universe, I completely welcome a flood of abundance to come roaring in this year to wash away any worries or doubts we have about following our true artistic paths. Your help and guidance are much appreciated. Thank you for your blessings! 

What are your dreams of abundance this year? Is this an issue you struggle with?
I'm wishing that all your hopes, dreams, and wishes will be answered too.