Adventure : Day 10

I am a big fan of spontaneous day trips. I love jumping in the car or on the train and deciding on a whim where to go and explore. 

In fact, if I were ever to win the lottery, I would first take a year or two travelling the world, visiting all of the countries and cultures that interest me. Eventually I'm sure I would want to come home and set up a base camp, but I think it would take me a long time to get completely tired of travelling.

For now, I content myself with our day trip adventures. Recently, we visited the Buchheim Museum which is dramatically located directly on a large, beautiful lake, the Starnberger See. The sky was overcast and the paths were snowy, but my girls enjoyed hopping around in the snow outside, and Florian and I enjoyed seeing the colorful works of the German Expressionist painters inside. Max Beckmann, Karl Schmidt-Rottloff, and Emil Nolde never disappoint.

It reminded me again that I should take more days off to go museum and gallery hopping in Munich; I should create more adventure in my everyday life instead of waiting for holidays and weekends. Even going out to breakfast or lunch - or inviting someone you don't know very well to join you for a coffee can be short, yet daring adventures. It's so important to enjoy each day to the fullest, and take the time to make life more interesting whenever we can.

What adventures do you dream of? 
Is there a place or country you'd love to visit? 
Do you treat yourself to everyday adventures too?

Hope you are having a good week!