Connection : Day 12

Connecting with others is vital to our happiness. Because making art is a solitary way to spend time, I find it tremendously helpful to be able to connect with creative, like-minded, gifted people from all around the world here through the Internet. For all the downsides of Facebook, it has helped me get in touch with several long lost college and high school friends, and when I visit other blogs, I get daily sources of inspiration everywhere I look!

Obviously there is nothing that takes the place of meeting friends in person - no one would argue that. But I do feel much more connected with a flourishing artistic, creative community than I did 10 years ago (even 5 years ago) - and that is because of blogging and the contacts that take place here.

I think for someone who doesn't write or even read blogs it probably sounds like a weird, anti-social way to spend your time. However, I find blogging everything but anti-social - and I have made many "real life" social contacts through my blog or my website.

How do you feel about this? Do some of your non-blogging friends or family find your Internet activities strange or anti-social?

I see us as one big, multicolored rainbow. We are all individuals, but connected through our thoughts at the same time. For centuries, artists, writers, and other souls communicated through intensive letter writing, whereas now much of that correspondence takes place through the Internet. It is the exchange of thoughts that is important - not the medium.

I certainly have enjoyed "meeting" you here! Here's to lots of connections in 2011 - on the web and in person - and many hugs to our global creative community.