Bloom : Day 3

It is difficult to believe that this simple, green bud holds something as beautiful and showy as an amaryllis flower waiting to burst forth. I am always amazed that when you take a little care to give the amaryllis bulb warmth, light, and a little water, a short time later, the blooms begin to unfold. All you need is a bit of patience and some faith that it will happen. 

Isn't it gorgeous to behold? I love the analogy of blooming flowers as an example of the positive, inspirational experiences we can have when we respect and believe in our dreams. Love, faith, and nurturing are perhaps the most important ingredients in realizing our deepest, truest wishes.

Think about this: if you spend one hour each day doing what you most love for 365 days this year, then at the end of the year, you will have spent the equivalent of 9 full-time work weeks (at 40 hours per week) tending to your dream. Small steps practiced each day do add up, and can make a big difference in the end. But you do have to plant the seeds if you want to have a garden.

I found a wonderful definition of the word bloom - "a time of vigor, freshness, and beauty; prime." This is exactly what I want for my life this year! Vigor and freshness, peak condition, being at my prime. I hope I can use all of the awkward, unfolding stages in my past life to create something beautiful now. We all go through difficult, painful situations - no one is spared this - but working through trying times hopefully makes us stronger and more appreciative of what's good in our lives.

Here's to blooming, blossoming, and flourishing in 2011. I bless this year as a time of growth, exploration, moving fearlessly into new, fulfilling spaces, and nuturing and realizing all our deepest wishes. 

I'm wishing you time, space, love, and energy to nurture and have faith in your dreams. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best - "Earth laughs in flowers."