Wonder : Day 5

Over the holidays, my family was visiting and we made an excursion to Munich's botanical gardens. When I think about the fact that all of these beautiful organisms are alive and I try to imagine the multitude of species that inhabit our planet, I am filled with wonder and awe as to how it possibly can exist. 

Our planet and are universe are so big, we can't ever truly stretch our imagination enough to comprehend it all. But we can be appreciative that we are here - right now - to see and witness and be amazed. 

A beautiful little turtle carefully balanced himself on a rock in the sun. Luckily, he was not at all disturbed by my presence.

In one of the tropical rooms, there were live butterflies from Costa Rica fluttering around. The butterflies were very peaceful and tame, and even landed on our clothes and fingertips.

Some of the rooms at the gardens featured exotic cacti

while other rooms had blooming flowers and lush palms

including pools and streams with aquatic plants and ferns.

But you don't have to visit a botanical garden to find gorgeousness. When we take the time to notice, we can find signs of incredible beauty everywhere  - in physical form or within acts of kindness and generosity. Here's to discovering more beauty in your everyday and relishing all your moments that are filled with wonder