Generosity : Day 9

Yesterday I wrote about abundance - and today generosity is the logical reply. Receiving gratefully and graciously is a wonderful thing - and having the capacity to share with others is even better.

I would like to give something back to the world - as trite and corny as that may sound. I'd like to do something positive with my life that also helps other people. I have often questioned whether making art is a valid way to spend one's time - maybe it is more important to be out fighting against the destruction of the rain forest, working in the slums to help feed hungry children, the possibilities of how one can help in this world are endless. I remember taking a class in Environmental Studies some time ago, and I had a real crisis about this issue and didn't make any artwork for several weeks. My husband and I do contribute regularly to a few environmental and humanitarian charities and organizations - but is that enough?

There are days when doubt creeps in and I wonder if making art and writing are trivial matters. I enjoy doing these things - but am I really helping other people? 

On better days, I believe that if I am able to create something new and inspiring through my artwork and writing, then perhaps other people will be inspired to go forth and make their own creative discoveries. On these positive days I know that the more abundance and success I have with my own work, the more I will be able to help others - with my time, money, and advice.

What are your thoughts about this? 
Do you ever have doubts about the validity of how you are spending your time? 
What would you like to share with the world?


p.s. - Thanks for hanging out with me as I air my new year's musings. I hope you are enjoying this series.