Love : Day 7

Love - a word we use every day. I remember the confusion of my first roommate in college - Ida from Norway - who asked me if there was a different, more special word for "love" in English. She was looking for a word so sacred "that you might only say it to 1-2 people in your lifetime." I could only answer, "No, not that I know of." Ida felt confused because Americans use the word "love" all the time. We say "I love pizza, I love that sweater, I love the color jade green" and so on. Which is fine, but wouldn't it be nice if we had a word that was only reserved for very exclusive circumstances? I suppose in English the context, the situation, and the intonation give deep meaning to the actual word. 

Semantics aside, I do believe that we can all use more true love in our lives - and that starts with self-love and nuturing ourselves. How do you show yourself love? Through healthy food, exercise, green smoothies, yoga, bubble baths, reading novels, meditation, laughing with friends, or the occasional chocolate splurge? Unique combinations of all ?!

For me, having some time to myself is the greatest luxury right now - time to read, create, relax, take walks, write, and just think, often about nothing in particular. Of course I deeply love my husband and my children, but I know that without "self-nuture" time I would simply burn out and self-destruct. 

What do you do to love and nuture yourself? 
How do you take care of your body and your spirit?
I look forward to reading your responses.

Happy Friday!