Luck : Day 6

Do you believe in "luck?" For January 6th - Epiphany, or Three Kings Day in Germany - we celebrated with a special cake that had a hidden "good luck bean" inside. Whoever gets the slice with the "good luck bean" is king or queen for the day. I'm always in favor of any tradition that has to do with cake, so we decided to try it out :) 

I started musing about the idea of "luck" however. In German, the word "Glueck" (Gl├╝ck) means both "luck" and "happiness." I know of no other words that truly express these two concepts in German (native German speakers, I'd love to hear your ideas on this!) In English, I would say that "luck" is something good that mostly happens to you by chance, something that is not in your control. In contrast, "happiness" tends to be more self-determined or at least a state of mind that you are partly responsible for yourself. 

I would like to believe more in pure "luck," but I suppose I still have firmly anchored in my head that I must take care of my own happiness, and forge ahead in my own direction and hopefully achieve success. However, I've noticed recently that some of my big, ambitious expectations tend to weigh heavily on my shoulders. Sometimes my goals for the future are so intense, I end up stressing myself out about things I want for the future and I forget to enjoy the simple, daily moments of joy. 

Today I'm trying to curb my inner perfectionist, to take things more in stride, and believe that positive things can easily happen in my life without great strain or stress. I want to embrace the Now and go forward - but with more lightness and ease.

What are your feelings on "luck?" Do you believe that you are a "lucky" person or that there is such a thing? Can we improve our "luck?" What do you think?