Play : Day 11

I'm grateful that my work is also a form of play for me. I love painting, even if I'm just painting my watercolored patterns. I try to empty my mind of any concrete thoughts and immerse myself in the flow. Today I lit several candles on my windowsill and enjoyed the soft glow on my studio table.

This is a glimpse of what my workspace looks like right now - with the new bookshelves on the wall and fairy lights around my window. I listen to music and it feels magical.


p.s. - I received an email this week from someone who unfortunately misunderstood my post on "abundance." I was harshly criticized for being too focused on material goods, and told that I should be more appreciative of my family and what I already have.

I hope you understand that when I write about abundance, I mean on every level - not just on the material plane. I am wishing for abundance not just for my own family, but for the entire planet. I send you encouragement and support through my words and pictures, and I appreciate those of you who have written so kindly to me.

Thanks again and many blessings to you all!