three parties in four days

Last week Sophia celebrated her 5th birthday, and she had a total of three parties in four days. Not bad. I suppose it has taken me such a long time to get our photos online because I have been exhausted from all of the baking and preparation!

On the morning of her birthday, she and Lucy woke up to colorful packages from their "Oma" in Tennessee containing lovely new red velvet dresses. They were both giddy with excitement as you can see.

How old is Sophia today? Five!

Lucy wanted to be sure that everyone knows that she is already three!

Both girls went on to preschool where Sophia celebrated her first party of the day with all her friends. This party is strictly for the kids (no parents allowed - except for bringing the cakes), and a big highlight is making and decorating a paper birthday crown. 

That afternoon when she came home, there was a chocolate cake with pink roses waiting on the kitchen table, just as she had requested. 

Sophia wished for a horse and a farmhouse and blew out all of her candles.

Three days later, eight of her friends came to visit all dressed up as fairies and princesses to continue the celebrations. Maybe you can imagine a house full of 10 little girls between the ages of two and five all dressed up with glittery crowns, fairy wings, and lots of pink... It was noisy, but we luckily have tolerant neighbors and the girls did have fun.

Another chocolate cake...

and more good wishes as Sophia blew out her five pink and purple candles.

We made magic wands out of felt, ribbons, and rhinestones, so that everyone - including Sophia and Lucy - would have a nice handmade souvenir from the party to take home. Thanks to everyone for their visits, presents, time, phone calls, and generosity!

Happy Birthday Sophia! 
We love you!