Our Easter Celebration and Egg Hunting in the Alps

We had a colorful Easter Sunday brunch at home last weekend with fresh herbal cream cheese,  an avacado dip, a green onion and egg spread with dill, tea, juice, hot rolls, various cheeses, ham, an Easter lamb cake, and a basket of cooked eggs.

The traditional Bavarian centerpiece for Easter Sunday is a small lamb cake

which one bakes in a form that looks like this.

Of course we dyed a basket full of Easter eggs too. We used eggs with brown shells this year and it made the colors especially rich and beautiful. 

The children made these cute little sprout filled egg shells in kindergarten, which made a perfect table decoration.

Our "Easter tree" at the back of the table was forsythia and pussy willow branches hung with painted Easter eggs that the children made.

You can see photos from our previous Easter celebrations from past years here: 2008, 2009, 2010

After brunch, we drove to the Alps where the children's German grandparents live. There were Easter eggs and baskets hidden in the garden, and Sophia and Lucy immediately went to work looking for them.

Sophia found the first egg.

Lucy wasn't far behind.

More baskets were hidden in unexpected places.

Our girls were delighted.

There was also time for a couple of family portraits in the garden.

And the girls sang songs about Easter bunnies under the trees - 
a perfect ending to an idyllic day.

I hope you've been having a wonderful week with your own celebrations.