A Springtime Walk in My Munich Neighborhood

When the sun is shining and the shops have their windows decorated prettily, I love taking walks in my Munich neighborhood.

I never get tired of looking at the gorgeous blooming flowers in the florist shops.

I especially enjoy peeking in the windows of the many creative, artistic boutiques - this one features handmade ceramics, soaps, and candles. 

In this shop, you can paint your own ceramics and they professionally burn the glaze for you.

Funky little birdhouse kitchen timers caught my eye here.

I wonder if all of these colorful chocolate bunnies found a new home for Easter...

This weekend there was a small demonstration celebrating peace and renewable energy sources. All age groups of people waved banners and walked from our neighborhood to the city center. 

 Easter marches for peace are quite common here - what a nice tradition.

I hope you also had a beautiful, peaceful holiday weekend! We all had a relaxing break for four days, and today we have been struggling to get back into our daily routine.

Tomorrow I plan to share some photos of our weekend celebration at home as well as our Easter trip to the Alps. More soon!