17 days left...

This gives you an idea of what my brain looks like right now :) Lots and lots of ideas - and so little time to fit everything in! I made this calendar yesterday after remembering that Jennifer Lee makes big monthly calendars for herself using different colored post-it notes. She published her first book this year called "The Right Brain Business Plan" - so this kind of organization must be working for her. Maybe it will work for me too!

Yes, I'm still thinking about my upcoming birthday and all of the things I want to get accomplished beforehand. I'm hoping that Aimee of Artsyville in Lawrence, Kansas is right - and that my 40th really will be the year. It must be! I have high hopes and big plans for my 40th year, and I want to share them all with you. Just hang with me folks - specific details are coming soon...

p.s. - Aimee was so kind to send me a couple of her lovely doodle art pieces earlier in 2011. You can visit Aimee's jolly and colorful blog here to see more.

We have decided to make an excursion to the lovely town of Salzburg for my birthday. This is a photo from their information brochure - doesn't it look beautiful? Neither my husband nor I have been there before, and it is only a 1 1/2 hour train ride away. Don't worry, I will bring back photos and other goodies to share with you. Salzburg is famous for its cakes and coffeehouses, so it sounds like a perfect place to celebrate - and I can enjoy a delicious birthday cake that I don't have to bake myself!

I am also eyeing Vienna as a possible place for a weekend getaway... more on that soon!

Meanwhile in Munich, I recently went to a fun Etsy Labs meeting. My friend Eleanor of e.m. papers did a great job of organizing everything. She and Ewa-Dewi and Johanna from Nauli brought loads of washi tape to get crafty, and working with it was especially exciting because the results were instant! More photos on Flickr here.

Washi tape is a pretty patterned tape from Japan, very delicate in structure, yet durable. I decorated several notebooks, notepads, and a little paper mache box in just a couple of hours. You can get your own washi tape here and here.

Otherwise, we have simply been incredibly busy with kindergarten festivals and other children's birthday parties and always on the go. I have realized that some of my overly ambitious goals like redesigning my website and categorizing all of the photos I've made of my kids in the last 5 years - all before my quickly approaching birthday - are *slightly* unrealistic! 

So for the next 17 days, I'll be working on myself (getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, doing my yoga) and taking time to spend with my family. I'm also finishing work on two big yearlong projects that I can't wait to share with you within the next two weeks.

I hope you are doing well, and I will be back tomorrow with a surprise ;)


p.s. - Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the US!