First Stop: Vienna

It's very early morning here in Munich and I'm busy packing and getting everything prepared for my trip to Vienna. I have guidebooks in English and in German, postcards, my passport, art supplies - I'm almost ready to go :)

Thank you to everyone who has ordered a personal postcard from Vienna! (They keep selling out, but I keep relisting them - just keep checking back if you'd like one.) I plan to write these to you while sitting at a cozy cafe in Vienna sipping a fancy Austrian coffee... and I'm so glad you are joining in on the fun. There is still time to order a postcard through tomorrow, and then they'll be gone!

Also, I am delighted with how our Creative Courage e-course is growing and growing. I'll be sharing my personal travel experiences with you in the course, and I'll include tips on how to develop and plan your own creative adventures. Registration is still open, but spaces are filling up quickly. Yay!

The next time you hear from me, I'll be posting about the sights and tastes of Vienna! Thank you for all of your positive comments and feedback; you put a smile on my face. More coming soon...


p.s. - You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook as I explore Vienna this weekend :)