Giveaway Winners + Your Favorite Cities

We have two giveaway winners! Thank you for all your comments; I absolutely loved reading every single one of them. You so generously shared your trips, tips, and travel fantasies! Each time I came by to catch up on the newest comments, I felt as though I'd taken a little vacation. Your lovely comments made this the most fun I've ever had with a giveaway - thanks again for your time and participation!

Thanks also to Sophia

and to Lucy for drawing two entries! The winners are...

Christine E-E


Barbara I. 

Congratulations to you both!

Dear Barbara, could you please send me your mailing address? You can reach me at: stephanielevy (at) Thank you! Christine, I'll contact you on your blog

I appreciate every single one of you for leaving a comment and/or dreaming along with us.

Are you curious as to which cities were the favorites? I was, so I did a little tally.

Here is a list with the number of "votes" for each city:

Barcelona - 21 (the top favorite!)
Venice - 15
Paris - 13
London - 12
Amsterdam - 11
Prague - 10
Copenhagen - 9
Vienna - 9
Athens - 9 
Dublin - 7
Stockholm - 7
Lisbon - 6
Berlin - 6
Budapest - 5
Brussels - 3

Isn't that interesting?! Well, the top six cities didn't really surprise me, but I was surprised to see how popular Copenhagen came out in the rankings - and I would have expected Berlin to rank higher. 

Additional places you suggested were: Florence, Rome, Milan, Nice, Cordoba, Basel, Ljubljana (my husband wants to visit there), Dubrovnik (I've seen photos, and it looks amazing), Warsaw (I've been to Krakow and I loved it!), Morocco, Istanbul, Bruges, Greek Islands (oh I know, I really want to go there too), Tuscany, Turkey - which all sound like wonderful, beautiful places. If time and money were no issue, I would pack my bags and go visit them all right now!

Your tips and suggestions will certainly help me with our travel planning this year - and I can promise you that I will take you along via my blog - where ever I end up going!

Thanks again, big hugs to you all, and congratulations to the two print winners.