The Silk Road in Stereo: From New York to Mongolia

A wonderful thing happened yesterday - I was lucky enough to meet three adventurous Americans who were passing through Munich on their long journey from New York to Mongolia as part of the yearly Mongol Rally.

I found Kara, James, and Dave through their super cool Kickstarter project called The Silk Road in Stereo. Kara is an internationally recognized sound archivist who has worked with experts all around the world. She had just returned from Lithuania this week after working with sound engineers there. You can read all about their travel project on their Kickstarter site, and follow their travels on their Silk Road in Stereo blog.

Back in New York, they also have really interesting food project called The Confined Nomads. Their mission is to eat food from every country in the world, without ever leaving New York! They also have a blog for this project.

When I saw their travel + art project on Kickstarter and their international food blog, I knew I had found kindred souls!

Last night, we all went out for a German dinner featuring some Bavarian specialties, and this morning we had a traditional Bavarian breakfast. You can find out what that looks like by clicking here.

This morning these Unconfined Nomads finished packing up their car, and today the three of them are on their way to the Czech  Republic to meet up with other Mongol Rally members.

This is Kara putting the project stickers on their car!

I am so in awe of their adventurous hearts and I truly wish them all a safe and exciting journey. They were all charming and a delight to meet in person! Say hello and follow their trip on the Silk Road in Stereo blog here.

Stay tuned because I have some Big News to share about my own year long travel + art project which is starting very soon...