a studio sneak peek + thoughts on nurturing your creative spirit

A studio sneak peek today of one my latest collages... I'm including some new collage materials for this series, vintage maps, sheet music, a bit of text, fun fun fun!

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post about my e-course. Hearing your feedback is so valuable  to me as I get everything prepared during the next few days. 

I read that some of you are interested in the topic of time management. This made me smile because I don't think I am the best time manager myself. At the same time, people often ask me "How do you get so much done?" 

I'm not sure, but what I can tell you is that I actively practice listening to my "creative spirit" - if you can imagine that. I make my creative time a priority. I simply need time to think, journal, draw, doodle, write, paint, glue, collect, read, or do whatever feels right for that day. I always have the most positive energy and sense of accomplishment on days when I've had time to make or write something, even if it was very small.

I also know that it is important to use your best hours - the hours of the day when you feel most relaxed and energized - to do your creative work. Some days, most days, there will be dishes to do, laundry to be folded, email to write. But these chores can wait; you must make your creative time a priority.

For example, this morning I woke up feeling rather overwhelmed by my to-do list. My head and shoulders were achy and stiff, and I thought "Oh no, how am I going to get this all done today?!" But instead of running to the computer and struggling with my e-mail inbox, I made a pot of tea and did a yoga video for 30 minutes. Guess what? My head and shoulders felt much better afterwards, and I could begin my day refreshed and relaxed instead of stressed.

Maybe this sounds too simple, and doing yoga is not the same as making artwork, but it is still a way of taking care of your creative spirit. The more you nurture yourself and stay playful and balanced, the more energy you will ultimately have for your art.

What are you doing for your creative spirit today or this weekend? I will be finishing up some new collages, getting my e-course text all ready, and I'm hoping for some sunny weather so that I can eat Italian ice cream with my girls and have a fun picnic in the park!

I'd love to hear about your plans and I wish you all a joyful, colorful, creative weekend!

Next week will be full of big news, a road trip, and lots of celebration here, so I hope you will join me :)