Over the past weekend, I've been visiting the unique and beautiful city of Amsterdam, and I made a couple of excursions to the cities of Den Bosch and Rembrandt's hometown of Leiden. Four interesting and talented artists working in the Netherlands took the time to meet me, and I can't wait to share their interviews with you!

Thank you to Jen of Painted Fish Studio for all of her great Amsterdam suggestions (see cool photos and tips from her last visit to Amsterdam here) and also to Pia Jane Bijkerk for writing her lovely book called Amsterdam: Made by Hand which is a lovely alternative travel guide full of charming shops and cafes.

My Amsterdam postcards are on their way to everyone who placed an order! Thank you for your support and encouragement - it means a lot to me.

I am waiting now at a cafe to take the train back to Munich, and as lovely as Amsterdam is: I'm very ready to go home and hug my sweeties!

Hope you are having a good week too! I'll be back soon with lots of Amsterdam photos, artist interviews, and news :)