Berlin, Berlin!

My Berlin Postcard - a personal postcard sent directly from me to you from the beautiful city of Berlin - is ready to go! I had a lot of fun making this postcard, which features the famous Berlin cathedral, the TV tower, and the adorable, unique East German traffic lights with the "Ampelmannchen."

If you'd like for me to send you a personal postcard next week from Berlin, just click here.

I'm getting all geared up for the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin, and I know I'm going to learn a lot that I can share with you! Is anyone else planning to attend? Be sure to say hello :)

Also, thank you for all your wise, thoughtful comments to yesterday's post. It makes me feel relieved to know I am not the only one out there with "real issues" that aren't always pretty. I think it is a matter of wanting to be optimistic and positive on the blog without coming across as fake. Your responses show me that we are all hanging in there together, doing the best we can! 

Hugs from Munich - and Berlin here we come!