Creative Courage Soul Sisters: Part II

Vancouver based Jan Halvarson is well-known for her gorgeous design blog Poppytalk and the curated Poppytalk Handmade Market, and she is honestly one of the nicest bloggers I know. I'm so happy that I somehow convinced her to give us a very rare, exclusive interview for the first session of the Creative Courage e-course. 

Jan and her husband Earl founded the award-winning Poppytalk blog back in 2005 to promote emerging art and design talents and share visually inspiring trends. Jan and Earl are somewhat of a dream team considering that she studied Communication Design and he works New Media as a designer and instructor.

One of Jan's creative dreams is to: "help others succeed with their creative endeavors" and wow, is she already doing an incredible job with that!

Maryam Montague, an American multi-talent living in Marrakesh, Morocco with her family, is living a fantasy life for all of us who love travel, great food, and beautiful design.

Maryam is a human rights and democracy specialist who has traveled to over 72! countries. She and her architect husband designed and built a stylish, eco-friendly boutique guesthouse called Peacock Pavilions in an olive grove outside of Marrakesh. You can visit Peacock Pavilions for an special holiday or to participate in a variety of unique creative retreats offered there (a personal dream of mine!)

Maryam is also a freelance photographer and writer, and her first book on Moroccan interior design is scheduled to be published in April 2012 by Artisan books. 

Be sure to have a look at Maryam's breathtaking photography on her award-winning blog My Marrakesh. I could gaze at Maryam's photos all day long.

One of Maryam's creative dreams is to: "have my own homewares line!" - and she is developing prototypes right now.

Aimee Dolich of Artsyville is one of those rare creative spirits who is always full of energy and humor. Her unique and fanciful artwork has been featured in numerous magazines and books, and she also runs a very successful online shop.

Aimee writes,"I've loved color, words, writing, hand lettering and doodling for as long as I can remember, but for much of my life I kept all those things in separate jars. Then one day, I thought "Hmmm. What if...?" I tossed everything in a bowl, put the mixer on high, and I found that I liked living in my chaos of wordy color. So I stayed, and named it Artsyville. It's my work, play, and therapy all in one."

She is currently teaching the Three Little Words course for the 21 Secrets Art Journal Playground. Find out more about that project here.

Aimee likes to travel as much as I do, and I keep thinking of ways for us to collaborate in the future - Europe anyone? Right now, she is in process of relocating Artsyville from the charming town of Lawrence, Kansas to the East Coast.

One of Aimee's creative dreams is to: "explore the US and the rest of the world and doodle little travel guides of my experiences." Let's go!

Tara Gentile is a true powerhouse whose mission is to help creatives turn their passions into profit. She is the editor of the popular Scoutie Girl blog and is creator of The Art of Earning digital guide. She also offers private coaching sessions and a variety of a free resources are available on her website.

Tara writes, "I push passion-driven entrepreneurs to actualize their ideas, visions, and dreams - turning them into dollars and cents." After having a baby, Tara wanted to work from home and in the process she has created a lucrative, full-time business that now supports the entire family.

Her goal is to "empower you to find your own creative spirit, give you the tools to turn ideas into reality, and apply practical philosophy to your life's challenges."

One of Tara's creative dreams is to: "to host dinners & parties at my home that create meaningful conversation, inspire world-changing action, and fulfill our mutual desire to congregate with those who feel the world vibrate the same we that we do." Sounds wonderful Tara, can I come over too?

Jennifer Lee is another creative multi-talent who is a certified coach, author, artist, and yogini "who believes in living life in full color." She is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the author of the wonderful book The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success. She offers coaching for individuals and businesses, creative workshops, and e-courses.

Jennifer writes, "Over the course of my personal growth work, I've discovered that my purpose is to create space for beauty, breath and being to inspire myself and others to live an authentic, full life."

She goes on to say, "When I'm not coaching, writing, or leading groups, I'm either painting up a storm, reading in my hammock, practicing yoga, getting crafty, indulging in a mid-day nap, or hanging with my hubby and our adorable beagle-mix."

You can visit Jennifer on her Life Unfolds Blog.

One of Jennifer's creative dreams is to: "have an expressive arts/yoga center in Hawaii." How lovely!

Penelope Dullaghan is an award-winning artist/illustrator and the founder of Illustration Friday, which is a great online resource of creative inspiration and participation, including an art forum and numerous artist/illustrator interviews from around the world. Penelope just finished teaching workshops at Squam and is also a yoga instructor.

Penny is represented by Scott Hull Associates, and her illustration clients include Starbucks, Target, United Airlines, and Oprah Magazine.

She is also a spirited, generous, open person, and I always love reading her blog.

One of Penelope's creative dreams is to: "design a line of yoga mats." I know they will be beautiful!


I honestly still don't know how I got this amazing group of women to participate with their interviews for my e-course. I feel very blessed, and like I am interviewing the art/yoga/blog rockstars of our time. 

These women are not only awesome, they are generous, open, and kind - and you are going to love reading what they have to say about finding balance in their lives and following their creative passions.

Creative Courage starts on Monday, September 26th, so this weekend is your last chance to grab a spot. Join us for this unique, inspiring experience of Soul Sister fun and creativity!