A Joyful Welcome

After a long, long train trip back from Amsterdam through a never ending night, I had a cheerful, sunny breakfast welcome from my favorite people in the world. Fresh flowers, rolls with honey and jam, smiles and hugs - I appreciate you so much!

I brought home a couple of treats too - tiny ceramic Dutch shoes for my little girls

and Belgian chocolate for Papa, which he was generous enough to share.

To celebrate, we got out the new washable paints that Oma brought us in August all the way from Tennessee.

I think Sophia was remembering the rainbow we saw here.


Thank you to Etsys German blog for posting about my travel project featuring many European artists and designers (and Etsy sellers) here. You'll also find an article about my 12 Countries project with a special feature on designer Patricia Vincent in the new September issue of Wild Sister magazine, available here.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with love and flowers and delicious breakfasts too :)