A Visit to a Historic German Farmhouse Museum

This weekend we visited a historic German farmhouse museum near the village of Amerang. One of our favorite buildings was this over 100 year old "bee house." 

It was so much fun to go inside the lovingly restored rooms, where you could see and touch many of the historic furnishings like this old wood burning stove. 

In most of the rooms, it looked as though the owners had just stepped out for a moment.

We walked through open doorways

to find cozy feather beds

and windows with frilly curtains and red geraniums.

Some of the rooms had simple, rustic furnishings

and were decorated with old clocks and painted wall cupboards.

In one room I saw an old Singer sewing machine that looked like one my grandmother had, reminding me how similar German and American cultures are in many ways.

We loved exploring the different houses

where we found an older man telling a tall tale to music,

women playing traditional instruments,

and others spinning wool outside.

Our visit made me long for this slower pace of time when the barns were built so beautifully for the animals,

  the firewood for the winter was laid with perfect care around the windows,

and benches were there for time to rest and relax.

We ended the day with a traditional German meal at the outdoor museum cafe, 
and enjoyed the warm light of the summer Sunday afternoon together.

What did you do this weekend?
Are you enjoying the transition of the seasons? 


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