A Visit with Marina from Moscow in Munich

No, it's not already snowing in Munich. In fact, we still have sun. But I wanted to share this wonderful visit I had with a Russian art historian and journalist, Marina Yushkevich, who came all the way from Moscow last winter to spend an afternoon in Munich, take photographs, and prepare an article for the beautiful Russian lifestyle and design magazine called Seasons.

Marina and I wandered around my Munich neighborhood of Haidhausen, which is full of artsy shops, boutiques, and cafes and I showed her all my favorite spots. Marina was so kind to bring Russian chocolate for my children - and delicious Russian caviar for the adults!

The final article was published a few months ago, and I wanted to share the layout with you. The article features lovely photographs taken by Marina and some images of my artwork too.

This is what my name looks like in Russian!

The entire magazine is really beautiful, full of articles on art and interior design.

Thanks so much to Marina for including me in her project and lovely travel article! 

It was such a pleasure to meet you, and what an honor to appear in Seasons magazine.