Der Himmel über München, Der Himmel über Berlin + a trip to Prague

This was Der Himmel über Muenchen or "the sky over Munich" from my window 

and my courtyard this evening

but in reality I am still thinking about Der Himmel über Berlin...

Did you ever see this famous, poetic and surreal Wim Wenders film, which is strangely translated as "Wings of Desire" in English?

I saw it years and years ago as a college student, before I could speak German, before I ever visited Germany. Once I noticed angel actor Bruno Ganz riding in the S-Bahn in Berlin. It is quite beautifully filmed and takes place in Berlin before the Wall fell, so I'd really like to watch it again now...

But these are just my Sunday ramblings when actually I need your help.

I will be going to Prague next weekend as part of my 12 Countries project, (hooray!) and I am looking for artists and crafters to interview there. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 

I hope you have had a poetic, lovely weekend yourself, and I do have quite a lot to share with you all this week, including lots of overdue artist interviews, so please stick around :)