Adventures in Munich

Hi folks! In case you are wondering what happened to me last week, the first bugs of the season came along and pinched most of us in the family. First Lucy was ill, then the rest of us fell like dominos.

Now we're all back on our feet and enjoying some Munich sunshine. Getting out and about here does make me appreciate more of what this city has to offer. 

If you'd like to learn about some of the coolest shops, restaurants, and cafes in Munich, be sure to check out the new Munich City Guide that my good friend Eleanor (and fellow ex-pat) of e.m. papers put together for design*sponge. Eleanor loves Munich so much, she even has a blog called Wahlmuenchnerin, where she highlights more of her favorite spots and local events.

I partner coach with Eleanor once a month because she always has brilliant ideas, and now she has created a new website called Steal This Process about time and project management. It's good stuff - I know because I saw her do a presentation at Hello Etsy in Berlin back in September.

This morning I'm on my way out the door to meet Eleanor in person, but I will be back very soon with a big announcement later, so come back to visit me...

I hope you enjoy your hometown and can seek out some local adventure wherever you are today :)