Happy New Year! Here's to new beginnings in 2012. I caught this amazing sunrise over the rooftops outside my window yesterday. 

I've noticed lots of people talking about choosing symbolic word for their year during the past couple of days, and it got me thinking... What do I want to create in 2012? Is there a word that symbolizes where I want to be at the end of 2012?

And I've decided that I would most like to "glow" in 2012, inside and out. You know that special glow that people get when they are content, happy, healthy, and completely at peace with where they are in their lives? I want that too!

To work on my "glow," I'll be doing my best to get more sleep, laugh more with friends and family, exercise, eat healthy, delicious meals, and relax. I tend to be a workaholic sometimes, and I want to learn to pace myself better, to take more time out to just enjoy.

I feel lots of exciting changes and new projects coming up in 2012. While these are all wonderful opportunities, I do need to learn to let go and take breaks more often. 

So maybe "glow" sounds like a strange word to choose, but I mean it in a holistic way. I'd like to develop a strong inner glow of joy and enthusiasm that is contagious and lights up other people too!

Do you have a special word for 2012? What do you do to make yourself glow?



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