I've been lucky enough to receive some beautiful love recently, and I wanted to share some of it with you today :) 

This gorgeous, handmade card (look at that detail!) arrived in perfect condition from Maryline in Switzerland, who took part in my last Creative Courage e-course. Maryline is a gifted, artistic quilter, she shares her wonderful photography and travels on her blog, and oh my goodness - have a look at this truffel triple chocolate cake recipe! Thank you Maryline!

Lisa, a graphic designer who also took part in Creative Courage, sent me this lovely modern prayer flag - such a kind and thoughtful gesture! On her Jersey Murmurs website, she explains that "the people of Tibet believe that when prayer flags are wafted in the wind, prayers ascend on their behalf." 

You can find lots of fun and inspiring prayer flags in her Etsy shop here. I particularly love this one pictured above - it really made me smile! Thank you Lisa!

Speaking of Etsy, I was so excited to finally be able to hang up the 2012 silk screened tea towel calendar that Etsy gifted everyone who attended Holly Becker's Decorate book launch party in Berlin. I love it! Thank you to Holly, Matt, and the Etsy Berlin team!

Why does everything immediately look more elegant when it is written in French? The lovely Catherine from the French Vagabondes online magazine asked me to share an interview about my experiences on my 12 Countries in 12 Months art + travel project. You can get the story behind the travels I made to six European countries in 2011 (still six to go!) in my interview here. (Don't worry, the interview is in English :) Thank you Catherine!!

The wonderful, witty Susie Lubell of Mishmish Studio recently moved from California to Israel with her family, and she has started a series of interviews called "Strangers in a Strange Land" with expats and other transplants to find out how they have come to deal with their transitions. I am completely honored that she asked me to share an interview on her lovely Inner Toddler blog this week. 

You can read all of my secrets about why I moved to Germany and the ups and downs I experienced while getting adjusted to life abroad in my interview with Susie here. Thank you Susie!!


I'm sending lots of love and gratitude to all of you as well! Right now, I'm busy working on getting everything ready for the next session of Creative Courage which as you know starts on Monday. Only 3 days and just a handful of spaces left! So excited and lots to share with you...

Have a wonderful weekend!