Valentine's Day Munich Walk

This morning, I hiked around my snowy Munich neighborhood on a quest for fresh, delicious, celebratory photos for my Creative Courage e-course

and I found so many yummy Valentine's Day treats, I knew I had to share them with you here too!

Valentine's Day is not a very big holiday in Germany yet,

but I did manage to find some shops that were making their best effort (albeit at a price!)

The florist around the corner had lovely candle, flower petal, frozen ice displays

a gorgeous way to creatively use our sub zero temperatures.

Many florists were trying hard to get everyone in a Valentine's Day spirit

and some of them actually had up reminder signs - "nicht vergessen"!

I'm looking forward to a Valentine's Day afternoon tea, then a romantic evening dinner with tapas, shrimp salad, pink champagne, a bit of 85% chocolate, and a new DVD of Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris." Have you seen this movie? I saw it in Lisbon, and I loved it!

I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day too, and I hope you are celebrating with yourself, with friends, with family, with your loved ones! I'm sure you will be doing something nice - perhaps involving flowers, a fun shop or cafe, a long, hot bath, or a delicious meal - I'd love to hear about it!

What are your special Valentine's Day plans or traditions?