Creative Courage Soul Sisters: Part I

Today I'd like to introduce you to my latest Creative Courage Soul Sisters series, featuring the inspiring women who are contributing interviews to my e-course starting (soon!) on Monday, April 9th.

I'll be posting these spotlights in two parts today. This amazing group of 12 creative women will join us to share advice and personal stories on how to live out your dreams of making art, write books, plan global adventures, teach e-courses and live workshops, and help others achieve their own creative goals.

I'm delighted that these lovely, talented ladies will be taking part - and I hope you will join us too!
Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, teacher, author, and inspirationalist. Her vibrant paintings can be found in numerous galleries, in public spaces, on album covers and on a variety of unique licensed products found around the world. Flora combines eighteen years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, massage therapist and lifelong joy seeker to infuse her teaching and painting style with a deep connection to body, mind, and spirit.

By honoring intuition and celebrating the present moment, Flora encourages her students to overcome fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process. Her transformational approach to painting (and living) and has inspired thousands of people to “let go, be bold and unfold” as they step fearlessly into the creative process. 

Flora’s book, “Brave Intuitive Painting” will be released by Quarry Books in May 2012. Flora splits her time between painting, teaching, and traveling in colorful locations around the world and living among a community of artists in Portland, OR. 

To see Flora’s art, please visit www.florabowley.comTo find out more about her book, online courses and workshops, please visit

Flora writes: "One of my top creative dreams is to collaborate on large-scale paintings with a group of artists I admire, preferably done as a live performance piece while great music is happening all around us."

Camilla Engman grew up in a small Swedish town named Trollhättan. This is where she began looking at life from a perspective that most of ussee only momentarily, and just a few are able to record. Camilla practiced her skills at the Dome Art School and later at the School of Design and Craft, Gothenburg University, where she acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree. Today she works and exhibits worldwide.

Often through animals or people, Camilla’s pictures inspire her audience with a wide range of feelings. Her work has the fascinating characteristic of allowing you to grasp an idea without robbing you of your own personal interpretation, regardless of whether it’s an acrylic painting, paper-on-paper, or mixed media.  

About her creative projects, Camilla says: I dream of having more time, time and peace in my mind, to acquire further training and depth in areas I'm already working in. I love what I do and I want to do it even more." 

“Hello, my name is Tif Fussell, I am a Brit misplaced abroad with half a clan, (comprising of my lads of three), my constant canine companions, a few other furry friends, some with feathers and an adopted goat called PIP. The other half of my clan is out in the big wide world making their own creative footprints and PIP? well he too is making his little hoofy marks in exotic climes in someone else’s backyard. It warms my heart to think of him doing what he does best for another family whose need for a goat is far greater than mine.

It might be quite true to say I’m a dabbler of sorts, I have dabbled all my life with my creative soul and imagination lurking close by. If you were to ask me how I like to spend my time, (whilst wearing clogs, frocks and aprons), well I like to spend it wisely treading the handcrafted secondhand path with dottie angel (my alter ego) close by my side. Some days we get to really truly shine together, others we do not. And that is ‘a-okay’, for the moments we do get together I know are a rarity and ones to be cherished.

So my dabbling resume comprises of, mother of four, addicted crafter, blog rambler, workshop teacher and indie author. a nice little line up for one who just trusted her inner voice, listened to it and discovered one day, despite her slight oddness, it was okay to be her.

At present I live in an odd looking dwelling called Mossy Shed, I love her with all my crafty heart but I plan to leave her one day and set sails for fresh horizons, one that hopefully has a sea view and a forever home, slightly ramshackled and very embracing of my granny chic style and the countless critters I wish to give a home to. But in between now and when I sit in my rocker overlooking the sea, I have a creative dream involving ‘bricks and mortar’; a working, living studio which once a month incorporates a secondhand pop-up shop so I may continue my addiction to thrifting. Oh but wait! I have another creative dream, I hope I am allowed more than one, I fear this maybe breaking the rules but its most important so perhaps I may be forgiven. I also wish to be a granny! I cannot think of a more creative role and dream to have. Little young lives looking to me to guide them on the path I have already trodden in my clogs. Teaching them crafty goodness, so they can carry on all that is righteous and goodly about making with your own two hands, and in turn finding their inner creative souls, so my circle of life may be completed”

Don't miss Tif's beautiful book Dottie Angel: the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell published by UPPERCASE, check out her upcoming workshops, and read her delightful blog.

Angela Ritchie is the founder and director at Ace Camps which is based in the mountain town of Whistler, Canada.  Angela has found her niche by creating inspirational retreats for people looking to kick-start a change in their life led by famed writers, photographers, artists and artisans.

The creator of buzz-worthy blog, The Ace Camp Journal, avid traveller, arts administrator and veteran hospitality professional, Ritchie says “Ace Camps are about taking risks and adventures to make your life better. Whatever age or stage you’re at, sometimes you just need to step out of everyday lives, and put yourself in the path of inspiration.”

She is working on a new project called “Weekenders” and along with the longer format retreats she plans on inviting participants on Cultural Vacations.

Angela’s creative dream is:  "to inspire people to travel, meet like-minded creatives who continue their friendships and support each other."

p.s. - Both Camilla and Tif are doing live ACE Camp workshops this spring, so be sure to have a peek here.

Beth Nicholls describes herself as "an adventurer, wanderer and seeker of knowledge and beauty." She is also creator of the popular Do What You Love website, which offers a variety of ecourses to help others realize their dreams.
Beth explains: "Many moons ago a wise man gave me the following advice: 'See, touch, taste, smell, hear and speak as much as you can. Spend time alone travelling out of the cities, research into religions, ways of life. Go with an open mind and a warm heart. Don’t cling to the past, but enjoy the present and fly towards the future.'
I try to live my life like this, exploring – through travel, art, cooking and conversation – discovering beauty, stories, inspiration and friendship. I have lived, worked and travelled all over the world – from Bhutan to Brazil, Mongolia to Mozambique, Azerbaijan to Antarctica. But the country that soaked deepest into my soul is Japan, where I lived for many years, and where I am thrilled to be moving to again in March 2012. There are adventures to be had every day, and I am so happy to be able to share them with you.
I have always tried to make choices which have allowed me to do what I love – travel, create, meet new people, learn and explore.   As a result, lots of weird and wonderful things have happened in my life so far..." Find out about Beth's upcoming adventures on her blog.

Lisa Solomon is a mixed media artist who moonlights as a graphic designer and art professor. She’s also 1/2 of MODify/d – a business that upcycles damages and leftovers [mainly cashmere sweaters] from the garment industry into useful and fun things for you, your kids, your home, and your pets.

She has a BA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley, CA and and MFA from Mills College. She’s exhibited extensively nationally and internationally including such venues as: The Koumi Machi Museum in Japan, Nicoletta Russconi Gallery in Milan, Italy, and the San Jose Museum of Art. 

Her work often questions and deconstructs the very nature of identity through the exploration of mediums traditionally associated with “women’s work” and the archetype of domesticity. She lives in Oakland, California with her husband, young daughter, pit bull, frenchie, and 3-legged cat, in a pointy roof house with a lovely garden and many many spools of thread. She tromps to work in her backyard studio in green rubber clogs as often as she can.

Lisa is currently working on a solo exhibition that will open April 14th at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles. She is working with the idea of migration – personal migration as in charting the physical movement and identifying qualities of her own and family members movement from place to place – expanding to global/political migration like the movement of radiation fall out from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Lisa's creative dreams for the future: "I love traveling and would love to travel more! I feel so lucky that my work has taken me to some pretty amazing locales and hope for more of that in the future. I am always inspired by new to me places – from small towns to large cities and everything in between. I always come away with a fresh look on life and new energy."

Thank you lovely ladies, and I can't wait to share your in-depth interviews in our Creative Courage ecourse, starting soon on April 9th!

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Creative Courage Soul Sisters: Part II coming up!