Lovely Budapest: Part I

A week ago, I fell in love with the dreamy city of Budapest.

I climbed to the top of Castle Hill to see the beautiful blue Danube streaming past at dusk,

noticed lovely mosaic rooftops on the cathedral,

and bombastic royal architecture against a bright blue sky.

Lively street musicians played their hearts out

and the charming postal boxes looked as if they had legs and were ready to walk away.

The castle is full of artworks from all ages.

However, much of the original interior has been replaced by socialist style architecture.

Of course, no trip to Budapest would be complete without tasting authentic goulash

and a dessert of homemade poppy seed and cherry strudel!

But the most special thing about Budapest was the hospitality of the people I met there! I had a wonderful studio visit with Judit and Zita in Judith's shop/studio - as well as with Bori, Vera, and Zsuzsi. They are all super sweet, talented ladies and you''ll find incredible handmade work their shops! Interviews coming soon...

One night Judit invited me to a super meet up at a cool, alternative place called Castro, where there was a live concert followed by lots of fun and dancing with Judit's friends. I had such a great time and I love the Hungarian spirit - thank you Judit and Co. !

Tomorrow: more of Budapest plus a day trip to the artistic village of Szentendre!

I hope you have been having some fun adventures of your own :)