Beautiful Bath + Susannah Conway

While I was in England, I was lucky enough to journey to Bath and interview lovely photographer and author Susannah Conway for my 12 Countries project.

We had lunch at Jamie's Italian, then we strolled around beautiful Bath, and Susannah showed me the sights of her current hometown.

We walked and we talked

and then we had a coffee by the peaceful river in the afternoon sun.

Bath is a gorgeous city with rich history and a magical atmosphere. I didn't go to the thermal baths or even tour the Roman ruins, but I did enjoy my conversation with Susannah. 

It made me remember that the most important part of this travel project is actually the creative women I'm meeting in each place and the connections that we are making all over the world. 

Susannah's new book This is I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart, featuring her photography and personal story, is most certainly wonderful, and I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview copy. Some of you may have taken one of Susannah's very popular e-courses before, and I know that she puts a lot of heart and intelligence into all of her work.

Thank you Susannah for the special afternoon in Bath, and thanks also to the very talented Xanthe, Luzelle, and Kathy, who were so kind to take the time to meet me in London for interviews. 

I'll be sharing highlights of all of the interviews I've gathered so far for my 12 Countries project during the upcoming weeks, and I appreciate everyone's patience as I juggle my travel, writing, and multiple projects schedule.

Hope you are all having a lovely "Green Thursday" as they say in Germany, and I wish you a nice holiday weekend.

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Hugs from the road between Berlin and Munich today :)