London : Part I

Last week, I was in England for my 12 Countries project, interviewing artists and seeing the sights. Thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions for places to visit and people to meet! 

First, I checked out several of the main tourist areas in London, and I noticed Union Jack flags blowing everywhere in the wind 

cool, old fashioned telephone boxes standing around proudly (despite everyone using their smart phones)

big, black London taxis and red double decker buses

and of course I had to say hello to Big Ben.

I watched the pigeons bustle about on Trafalgar Square

walked through the Theater District

and waved to the tourists sailing by on the Thames from a balcony at Tate Modern.

But mostly, I enjoyed walking around my local neighborhood in Central London

where I discovered cute little shops

 selling fancy sweet treats.

I also peeked into private gardens

wondered what it would be like to live at "Number One"

took lots and lots of photos

and remembered Bert the chimney sweep dancing on the rooftops in Mary Poppins.

I sampled a Full English Breakfast with a pot of tea and toast,

although I must admit I preferred the lovely, fresh Indian food served in London

and afternoon tea with fresh scones, jam, and clotted cream, yum!

Even the train stations had beautiful architecture in London

like here at Liverpool Station

at Paddington

and at the historic Borough Market too.


Coming up: join me for Part II in London and take a day trip with me to Bath.

I hope you are having some fun adventures of your own!