London : Part II

One of the highlights of my London trip was visiting the Tate Modern museum. I loved this hanging installation of a red transparent staircase by Korean artist Do-Ho Suh.

I was rather fascinated by an interactive exhibition called Hello Cube by artists Hellicar & Lewis, where viewers could send color and pattern commands via Twitter @thehellocube to change what was being projected in the huge entry hall.

It did make me wonder if more artists will start using social media as part of their work.

A fun retrospective of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's work was up for a temporary show,

and Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas had an installation of objects he made and found in Scotland.

Even though her work is now ubiquitous, I still enjoy reading Jenny Holzer's ironic moving scripts.

Many of you suggested that I visit the Victoria and Albert Museum while in London - so  I did.

I was awed by the beautiful architecture 

and the mix of old and new.

I especially enjoyed being able to see the open restoration workshops at the museum.

 Don't you think this would be an incredible place to work?

The British Museum was also very inspiring, and I was impressed to find out that all London museums are open free to the public (although they do accept donations).

Later, I went on to the famous Borough Market

where I took in the lively, yet relaxed atmosphere

and gazed at the colorful, fresh produce glowing in the morning sun.

I saw authentic hot cross buns for the first time

and Cornish meat pies

and I found out that it's always "Pimm's o'clock" in Britain ;)

On Saturday, I visited the charming Notting Hill area

where I strolled through the market and wandered by the antique shops on Portobello Road. Motown and 1960s music floated in the air, visitors lounged at outdoor cafes, the sun was shining, all was mellow, and I was happy. 

I also spent a great Sunday at the vibrant Spitalfields Market, Truman Brewery, and Brick Lane area. A special thanks to Tif aka Dottie Angel, for encouraging me to make this day trip!

I discovered an amazing variety of handmade, vintage, and indie designer shops - like Bagman and Robin

handmade dresses at Glow

and whimsical accessories at Custom Made in the UK.

I have never seen so many different kinds of ethnic food in one place in my life -

including wild fusion food styles that went far beyond my imagination!

For those with a sweet tooth, there was no shortage of treats at the market, and these Kooky Bakes cakes were beautifully made and presented. I myself opted for a rich brownie made with Belgian chocolate that was to die for.

I've often admired Rob Ryan's designs on the web, so I made a special pilgrimage out to Ryantown on Columbia Road

where his adorable shop sells his colorful, humorous screenprints

as well as delicate, original paper cuts.

London was a feast for my eyes, taste buds, and spirit - and I hope you enjoyed my museum and markets tour today! Next up, I'll be sharing my visit to lovely Bath, England.

This week, I wrote a guest post for the Canadian design blog Poppytalk, featuring more finds from the many London markets I visited, so I hope you'll come over and visit me here too :)

Also - my next session of Creative Courage is beginning this Monday, April 9th, so if you are interested in signing up, you can do that here. I'd love for you to join us!