A Personal Selection of Books I Want & Love

I don't know about you, but there are so many delicious books that I adore and want to own. And I don't mean on Kindle folks, I want to sit down with these books in my hands, enjoy a coffee or tea and just absorb all the goodness.

As I have written before, I am quite continually amazed by how easily we can connect and share with one another all over the globe. This is my personal selection of beautiful books written by women, most of whom I have met - either in real life or online - for interviews and other correspondence. Enjoy!

by Susannah Conway

by Alena Hennessy

by Flora Bowley

by Lisa Solomon

by Heather Smith Jones

by Mati Rose McDonough

by Christine Mason Miller

by Jenny Doh

by Maryam Montague

by Tracey Clark

by Victoria Moran

by Victoria Moran

by Marianne Elliott

by Jennifer Louden

by Susan Schwake

and from the beautiful UPPERCASE Suitcase Series

and the lovely

I'd love to hear more about your favorite books? 

What is inspiring you lately?

Happy Monday!