Can you believe it? I can't. I'm already in Stockholm for the final country on my 12 Countries in 12 Months tour. The past month has flown by especially quickly, and much has happened in that time. 

First of all, we moved cross country within Germany from Munich to Berlin! A true adventure and a lot of work - but we are happy and well. I'll be sharing a special post about our German moving odyssey soon. 

I haven't had Internet access at home for the past couple of weeks, which has slowed down my blogging, and I still have many wonderful photos to share with you from my trip to Greece. But be patient with me, and I promise to catch you up on everything asap.

This week, I am savoring my last European trip for a while - this photo was taken yesterday at a lovely, old fashioned tea shop in Stockholm called VeteKatten. That cinnamon/cardamom roll looks fairly innocent, but it was a delight of buttery rich goodness, served with spiced chai and hot milk.

I'm also experimenting with Instagram. Have you tried out this app before? It is quite fun to play with the filters on your iPhone photos and share them with your friends.

So you lovelies - if you have any Stockholm and/or Sweden tips for me, I would enjoy hearing them! It is always so much fun to hear about your travels and favorites things to eat/visit/do :)

Take care and more soon!