A Personal Tsunami

The past two months has often felt like a personal tsunami (in a good way!) It has been a small revolution that has changed our lives in so many ways forever. After cleaning out our closets and cupboards, ridding ourselves of as many "extras" as possible, selling our car, and transporting what was left cross country from Munich to Berlin - here we are in the middle of this giant, chaotic, lovable big city.

Would I do it again? Yes. But I must admit I had no idea what a challenge moving would be.

It's probably a good thing that we didn't realize all of the difficulties in advance. I felt strongly that a major transformation was necessary this year, including a geographical one. It feels right, but we are still traveling on a bumpy road as we all get settled into our new spaces.

There have been lots of happy moments too, connecting with supportive friends here in Berlin and making some new ones. We've been to openings with glittery pink artwork,

and we celebrated a friend's wedding on one of Berlin's riverboats.

We had leisurely Sunday brunches at outdoor cafes,

and posed in front of cool Berlin DIY vans.

We've gone on walks in the rain and stomped in shiny puddles with our new red boots,

and along the way we discovered more DIY cars decorated with colorful tape.

The many relaxed, internationally flavored playgrounds in our neighborhood have been a huge plus, and a great way for us all to enjoy the summer atmosphere and sun here in Berlin.

I've dedicated the past two months to getting unpacked and settled in as easily, warmly, and supportively as possible... still, we have a way to go. 

Have you ever had a challenging move? How did you deal with it all? 

I'd love to hear your stories, tips, and advice. 

I'm sending you all giant hugs today from my new hometown of Berlin!


p.s. - I'll be announcing the registration start for the next session of Creative Courage very soon, so please keep in touch ;)