Berlin in Love

Our move to Berlin was stressful, but I've been experiencing a lot of love here too.

I've had time to catch up with old friends like these

and I've gone out for decadent European style breakfasts like this

and this

and this.

For those of you who worry about my indulgences, rest assured that there was plenty of this

and this too.

Call me crazy, but I actually like the Berlin street art

which is sometimes poetic

and sometimes mildly entertaining.

I enjoy the nostalgia

the high ceilings of the cafes

the lemonade called Fritz on a hot day

and the cool red doors in my neighborhood.

Have you been to Berlin yet?

You must come!

Maybe you will fall in love too :)

Hugs today from a sunny cafe called "Weltempfaenger" - World Receiver - how appropriate.