Funky German School Traditions in Berlin

On Saturday, Sophia celebrated her school start in Berlin!

In Germany, every child gets a "Schultuete" when they begin the first grade, which is a giant cone filled with school supplies, toys, and candy. Sophia was extremely excited about hers!

Lucy got a smaller one, because little sisters can't be left out on all the fun!

Sophia had the chance to visit her classroom on Saturday and meet her teacher and the other first graders in her class.

For her school backpack, Sophia chose a bright purple model with a white cat. After she saw this backpack, nothing else would do. Thank you Oma for your sponsorship :)

I loved the new, mod green leather couch in her classroom, clean European design.

My sweetie is a school girl now! It is hard to believe just a few years ago, my girlies looked like this.

Hope you are having some back to school and/or summer fun too!



p.s. - Thank you for all of the Creative Courage ecourse sign ups over the weekend! I appreciate your support and I look forward to meeting and greeting so many new and former CC participants in September :)

I am delighted about this Fall Session and our amazing fresh round of guest interviews. Be sure to have a peek at our new lineup here. xo