Glorious Sweden: Part II

One of the first stops I visited in Stockholm's trendy district of Soedermalm was the retro style candy shop called Parlans.

The girls in the store are dressed up 1940s style and they make organic caramel candies in different flavors and wrap them by hand in special papers

A perfect take home treat!

I also enjoyed the Talent Gallery poster shop, featuring limited edition silkscreened prints and wonderful typeface graphics from artists and illustrators all over the world.

I was fascinated by the many vintage shops in Stockholm

with fanciful window displays

and a special love for American vintage clothing (featuring trucker hats, satin disco jackets, and cocktail dresses!)

I also liked this window display at Gudrun Sjoden

and these funky shoes!

I discovered department stores with beautiful collaged tiles

in the entrance

and I marveled at the colorful lanterns

while having lunch with Swedish-American illustrator Kristina Hultkrantz at Gildas Rum (rum is "room" in Swedish :)

A special highlight of my trip to Sweden was interviewing artist Camilla Engman in Gothenburg

Of course Camilla knew where to get the best pastries and coffee for "fika."

How can one resist ???

 Relaxation and good conversation, Swedish style :)

Camilla also showed me some beautiful shops

with flowers, art, and things for the home

more cool shoes -

the red ones were my favorites.

I got to peek inside Camilla's new studio

complete with lovely wildflowers

and have lunch with some of her artist friends. 

The perfect ending to a magical year in Europe!


A special thanks to Camilla and all of the lovely artists I interviewed during my 12 Countries in 12 Months tour for your hospitality and kindness! Big hugs from sunny Berlin! xoxo

I will be sharing highlights of my interviews with the 36 + talented artists, designers, and creative ladies who I met during my year of traveling in Europe - starting next week, so stick around.

Thank you also to everyone who has followed my project, left comments, suggestions, and sent supportive emails throughout the year. I have appreciated hearing your thoughts and experiences so very much!

Please stay tuned, there is more to come from this art + travel + interview project. Now that I have gathered so much lovely material, I am planning to create a book featuring my interviews, illustrations, photography, and travel journal.

If you have ideas for putting together and publishing this rich and varied "quilt" of European treats, let me know. It is a huge project, and I would be delighted to hear from you!

Thanks again and more coming soon,