I want to go back to Athens, Greece ...

My visit to Greece seems like a faraway dream these days... but I still remember being awed by the acropolis at sunset, looming over the streets of Athens.

Of course I climbed up to have a closer look,

 the views at the top did not disappoint.

But mostly I loved walking through the winding little streets of Athens

peeking in the colorful doors and windows

discovering parks with palm trees and ancient columns

and taking the streetcar down to the local beach.

In Athens, there were no riots, no police, no demonstrations. The only unusual thing I saw was this post office on the main square covered with protective metal siding.

The Greeks were friendly, everyone spoke incredible English, and the food was lovely - especially this baked feta cheese in pastry with thyme honey and black sesame served at the Acropolis Museum cafe.

The souvlaki was fresh and tasty too

as were these savory nibbles I stumbled across at a bakery.

Rings of bread were served from giant baskets on almost every street corner,

and this modest looking dessert was recommended to me as a "must" by an Athenian friend - a warm, custardy calorie bomb dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with iced coffee.

I gave it a try at this cafe

while sitting outside in the sun gazing up at impressive street art.

The omnipresent graffiti in Athens brightens up almost every corner.

giving Athens a unique urban, gritty charm.

Even in places where the houses are crumbling

local street artists add their own personal splashes of color,

textures, and designs to any public walls they can find.

Surprisingly, on the same streets covered in graffiti, the sidewalks are lined with pleasant outdoor cafes.

I don't do much shopping on my travels, but I made an exception at the delightful, colorful Ropa Lavada. I noticed that they carry two of my favorite Spanish brands - Skunkfunk and The Art Company - and I couldn't resist having a look inside.

Oh Athens, I did love my visit with you. 

I promise, I'll be back to say hello again soon :)


Have you ever been to Greece? 

I'd love to hear about your travels too!

Next up: my trip to car-free the island of Hydra (where they still ride donkeys, no kidding.)

Have a lovely weekend and all the best!


By the way, thanks again for all your support with Creative Courage this week, and I'm already looking forward to meeting so many of you in September!