Our Moving Adventure to Berlin!

When we told people we were moving from Munich to Berlin, the responses were extreme. Either "Why? You poor things!" or "I want to go with you! I LOVE BERLIN!" 

In reality, Berlin is one of my favorite cities, not because it's particularly beautiful or charming, but because it has an enormous, vibrant energy that one can feel - and we have many fantastic, creative friends here.

Here is the short story of our move. After packing day and night for a week or more, we finally loaded up and sent everything off in a big moving truck with the help of friends and relatives in Munich. We cleaned up the apartment for friends who were moving in a few days later, and then we took off a bit later in our car for the long overnight haul on the autobahn. 

I took the above photo from the autobahn as the sun was setting at 11:30 pm.

We drove through the night, cross country through Germany, taking breaks of course, and we managed to see the crack of dawn from the autobahn as well. The above photo taken at about 4:30 am. Summer nights are short in Germany! 

We arrived in Berlin at about 7 am, slept in a youth hostel for about an hour, then met the movers and about 15 friends who came to help unload at our new apartment. Thank you to everyone who gave us a helping hand during our move!

Since then, we've been dealing with towers of boxes,
and we've made countless trips to IKEA. 

In Germany, you have to build in your own kitchen and even install your own light fixtures! So it is a long, long process of getting moved in. Unpacking the boxes is the easy part actually....

But thank goodness for our Berlin friends, who have been keeping us in good spirits, inviting us to parties, and play dates with the kids. One dear friend even brought welcoming "bread and salt" in what I found to be a charming form - "magic salt with organic flower blossoms" and Italian Cantuccini cookies to go with our espresso :) Friends like that are hard to find!!

Thanks for sharing your own moving stories this week, it makes me realize we are not alone!

I'm getting the final interview line up all ready for the September session of Creative Courage, so many amazing ladies - you will love them! 

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Sending hugs from sunny Berlin today! More soon...