Creative Courage Fall Session Begins Monday!

Hi there!

I hope you are having a glorious Friday!

The sun is shining brightly here in Berlin, gorgeous autumn weather is making the afternoons very pleasant, and I am still feeling euphoric about my new hometown.

Our move to Berlin was a giant leap of faith - and I'm so glad we took it! 

My Creative Courage ecourse is all about taking a leap of faith to do what you love - and creating a life of your own design, full of joy, color, light, and beauty.

We have an incredible collection of 12 talented women from around the world who will be joining us to share their insights and creative business secrets. 

We'll talk about clarifying your goals, and I'll give you practical creative and business tips on how to move ahead. 

The course is private, completely "do at your own pace," and there is an amazing group of international women taking part in an exclusive Facebook group to offer you additional support and encouragement.

I'm sending all my very best to you today and lots of autumn love from Berlin!