One Last Chance for Your Creative Boost in 2012

Hi everyone!

Today is the first day of my final Creative Courage ecourse for 2012. My heart gets warm and happy when I see the sign ups coming in from women from all around the world. 

On our six week journey, we'll discover and define our creative goals, while letting go of any obstacles in our paths.

We'll look for new inspiration and motivation in our daily lives, and gather together in a supportive, friendly, private environment.  

We'll share our practical tips, our honest heartfelt encouragement, as well as our challenges and creative processes with one another.

Would you like to join us? There is still a small window of time, and just a couple of spots left.

I'd love for you to take part! 

Every week, I receive messages from women who tell me how much this class has changed their life in a positive, powerful, creative way. It thrills me to no end. For example, Denisea kind and lovely artist from the UK wrote: 

"I whole-heartedly recommend this course to any artist, or creative soul, whether they are creating work or not. It is a truly motivating course and I have enjoyed every moment. Stephanie's course has been an extremely informative, fun and soul searching experience. It has given me the opportunity to be part of a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded people. I have met so many interesting artists from all over the globe, all of whom have happily extended the hand of friendship to support and encourage each other in their artistic endeavours. Thank you Stephanie for this opportunity, it has been life-changing!" 

If this class is calling to you, I personally invite and encourage you to join us now.

Come on over and secure your spot here.

All my very best to you, and I'm delighted to start our this journey together with you today.

Sending hugs from Berlin,


** This session of Creative Courage has now sold out, but if you'd like to receive information about when the next session starts and an Early Bird Discount Code, please sign up for my monthly newsletter here. **